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A Passion for Cloth

Emiland is the only company in Azerbaijan that produces a wide selection of high quality men`s
wear in the fashion world. When choosing a cloth, we look at the clothing and latest trends that
our buyers prefer, along with the textile and clothing market. Our suppliers are famous factories in
France, Italy and other European countries: Marzotto, Vitalie Barberis, Cerruti, Guabello and others.

You can conquer the world with the right clothing.

A new fashion era has come - there is no rule now. Now everything is individually styled and at the same time a combination of high and fast fashion, classic and young designers. "

About Cloth

The world's leading manufacturers of products (Hansel and Kufnering materials, Guterman and Amman
ropes) are used in modern products and high quality materials, as well as materials of natural high
quality raw material (walnut buttons are woven at the top). At the same time, taking into consideration
the individual characteristics of each cloth, the confetti (skirt selection) is made with prototype stitching.

  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Treasure Box
  • Noble Fleece
  • Noble Star
  • Noble Jacket
  • Noble Phantom
  • Diamond Chip
  • Lapis Lazuli

    Noble stone

    Our Lapis Lazuli suiting collection combines fragments of the noble stone into an exquisite blend of Super 150’s wool and cashmere. This luxury cloth’s subtle lustre is achieved when our British master weavers combine the mineral with the cloth using exclusive techniques. The collection is available in several shades of blue, each of which pays homage to the stone’s naturally vivid colour and mystique.

  • Treasure Box

    Precious metals

    Our exquisite Treasure Box collection brings the pleasure of platinum and 24-carat gold to the world of suitings. Crafted from ultra fine Super 150’s merino wool, the precious metals are interwoven into this luxury cloth by our British master weavers. Midnight blue, anthracite grey and noble black ground shades set off platinum and gold flecks depending upon the design chosen.

  • Noble Fleece

    Super 200's merino wool

    This collection has been crafted from pure Super 200’s merino wool, sourced directly from family-owned farms in Australia that are members of the Scabal Noble Wool Club initiative. A sustainable and ethically responsible superfine luxury fabric, it is also the first in a line of Scabal Noble cloths collection that seek to preserve traditional methods of sheep farming to provide wool to be woven at our heritage British mill.

  • Noble Star

    A fabric of precision

    Hand-crafted at Scabal’s Yorkshire mill entirely from high-quality Super 200’s wool, it makes for superior suits at a comfortable 320g weight. The class and character of Noble Star comes from its construction: very fine yarn is twisted together, in warp and weft, and then twined again to form a bigger, bolder fleece. The result is a perfectly poised look, with a dose of decidedly British elegance.

  • Noble Jacket

    The most elite fibres

    Handcrafted at our heritage British Mill from superfine merino wool sourced through the Scabal Noble Wool club, its unique 100% Super 200's composition includes some of the most elite fibres on the planet. With its novel weave structure this bunch creates a party jacket of unparalleled softness to the touch that still retains a crisp, pure handle. Egyptian blue, dark navy and black all present an understated approach to luxury cloth and tailoring.

  • Noble Phantom

    Elegant drape

    Distinguished even amongst our famous Special Editions, this luxury cloth collection consists of 25 dignified designs. It is woven in a plain weave of 200g in the style of traditional tropical fabrics, making it an ideal fabric for summer. Proudly made in our own weaving mill in Huddersfield, from superior superfine merino wool from the Scabal Noble Wool Club, it boasts an elegant drape and wonderfully soft feel.

  • Diamond Chip

    Super 150's and pure silk

    The iconic Diamond Chip collection was the very first of our pioneering luxury fabrics to incorporate precious stones within the weave. By crushing pure diamonds into fragments, we are able to directly blend them into a Super 150’s wool and pure silk suiting at our heritage British mill. The result is a thread that shimmers in the light, giving garments a subtle luxurious glow, alongside a soft feel and drape.

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